Support Historic Yellow Springs - Urge your Legislators to Reinstate
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) Grant Funding

Funding is at risk for Historic Yellow Springs and all of Pennsylvania's historic sites.
Your help is urgently needed. Please read below to find out how you can help HYS.

About the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC)
As quoted on its website, “The PHMC is the official history agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” It is “responsible for the collection, conservation, and interpretation of Pennsylvania's historic heritage, which we accomplish through the Pennsylvania State Archives, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Bureau of Historic Sites and Museums, Pennsylvania Trails of History™, the Bureau for Historic Preservation, and Bureau of Management Services.”

About PHMC Grant Funding
Each year, the PHMC provides millions of dollars in competitive grant funding for historic sites. This funding supports preservation projects, special programs and exhibitions, and general operating expenses. Historic Yellow Springs has been awarded numerous grants through this program, including funding for several exhibitions, our Discovery Trail system, archival digitization, and most importantly, funding to support the organization’s general expenses.

What is at Risk
The proposed 2009-2010 Governor’s Budget (PDF) has proposed the complete elimination of all grant funding (see section/page E23.3, Grants and Subsidies). This would essentially remove $5 million in funding that directly supports Historic Yellow Springs and like organizations. For Historic Yellow Springs, the implications are immense – we would spend more time and resources trying to replace that funding, and less time serving our mission and meeting the needs of our audiences. For other organizations, the strain could lead to more extreme measures.

What is not effected by these budget cuts
While the Governor’s budget proposes completely cutting PHMC grant funding, nine museums are still slated to receive over $2 million in funding through the PHMC. These so-called “non-preferred” institutions receive direct support from the PHMC which is not competitive. They include the University of Pennsylvania Museum, Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh), Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh), Franklin Institute, Academy of Natural Sciences, African American Museum in Philadelphia, Everhart Museum (Scranton), Mercer Museum (Doylestown), and Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts (Harrisburg).

If this budget is passed as proposed, this unfair funding model will support a few select institutions while ignoring the needs of hundreds of small to midsize museums and historic sites.

How You Can Help
Contact your State Representative and State Senator and urge them, as a member or friend  of Historic Yellow Springs, to support the reinstatement of Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Grant Funding. Visit to find out who your State Representative and State Senator are, along with their contact information. A written letter (not email) will have the most influence. If you wish to write to Historic Yellow Springs’ legislators, please contact:

State Senator Andy Dinniman
One North Church Street
West Chester, PA  19380

State Representative Curt Schroder
315 Gordon Drive
Exton, PA  19341

Thank you for your support of Historic Yellow Springs and all of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s historic resources!