Historic Yellow Springs
Volunteer at HYS

Volunteering at Historic Yellow Springs

Historic Yellow Springs volunteers provide an invaluable service to HYS, playing a vital role in the successful operation of our historic community. We would not be here without our volunteers! Whether assisting with special events, guiding tours, hanging art exhibits, greeting visitors, or caring for the gardens, our team of over 200 volunteers helps to preserve our history while enriching the community through the arts and education.

Volunteer at Historic Yellow Springs

We welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds and ages, and work with organizations and businesses that wish to contribute through volunteering. Applications to volunteer are welcomed throughout the year. To apply, complete an Application Form and HYS Volunteer Coordinator Kathy McGarry will contact you.

Below is a listing of many of our volunteer opportunities. We’re sure you will find something that appeals!

Volunteer Opportunities at Historic Yellow Springs

Assisting in management of historic items

Yellow Springs community, family & cultural events

Studio Apprentice


Gardening and grounds beautification